The Unknown

I always think I know how things should be. I think I know how I should be, how others should be and how life should be. How it should all be working out. It gives us all a sense of comfort and control to think we can make things turn out how we would like and at...

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The Disappearance of You

We all play a central role in our lives. We look from a standpoint of how someone or something affects us. What we are going to do next and what we should be doing. What I found is that when I painted I didn’t have me on my mind. I disappeared and something else came...

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Bullying Illusions

When we decide we want to create a piece of art or pen a poem we all hear voices in our heads telling us that we can’t do it, that we have nothing worthwhile to contribute; that what we are creating is sub-standard. This is not something that is unique to you. It...

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The Boredom of Now

Why is this present moment, the Now so boring to us that we refuse to look at it, acknowledge it or be in its presence? We are so perpetually fascinated with what has past and so committed to a future we can’t yet see, let alone live that we can hold a blatant...

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Swimming In Distraction

How many thoughts do you think that you have each day? And of those thoughts, how many do you listen to? I never fully noticed how distracted I was by my thoughts and feelings until I compared the activity in my head to when I was painting. As soon as I would sit down...

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Excavating You

When someone asks you what do you really want to do with your life? Do you know your answer or is your answer what you think others want to hear from you? We make ourselves up through thought. Who or what we think makes us inherently who we think we are. Except they...

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What Are We So Scared Of?

The reason I thought I could not publish the post I had just written was because I was not a blogger. I was not sure I had anything worth listening to share. I was not a reputable writer. I should most likely be more evolved more erudite more anything than I was to...

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Faulty Predictions

What if you aren’t as good at predicting the time it takes for things to take place as you think you are. When I chose to become an artist, I began with gusto. I had the verve and energy that come easily at the start of a new venture. And so the journey began. I...

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Who Do You Think You Are?

We all think we have certain personality traits. It’s as though as we move through the passage of time, we ascertain the characteristics that we think belong to us and we glue them to ourselves. We define ourselves through them and we identify with them at any given...

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Ready or Not?

Why do you have to be ready?  When you watch babies, you can never ascertain the moment that they decide they are ready to crawl or walk or talk. There is never a definitive moment in their chubby faces when you see the look of intention pass through that tells you...

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