I believe that there is an Energy that is unseen and unheard in conventional senses and that this Energy is Life Living itself through form in the world.

 The very act of creating art is my investigation into the expression of how this creative Energy is coming through this individual form to pervade into a space and express through colour, light, form and shape.

 All of my works are a reference to evolving, both in the larger sense of the world and its movements as well as the personal evolutions all humans face in a lifetime. The fact that Life never ceases to evolve and is continually  moving and shapeshifting.

 I begin each piece of art work straight onto the paper without any sketching or planning. All the strokes and marks are committed to paper and then worked on and around, amended, deleted or accepted. The process is a continual dance of subtraction and addition. Only when the balance is achieved and there is no momentum remaining in the desire to add or take anything away from the piece is it complete.

 I would like the viewer to take in the painting as a whole and allow it to evoke whatever emotions arise within them. To maybe, focus in on the parts of the painting that feel like a kindred part and interpret it to their own ideas and inspired thoughts about it. I would like them to build a dream around the work that fits into their world and ideas.

 My understanding of my work is to depict a visual story of how I perceive life itself to be. A dance of moving, shapeshifting Energy that evokes, thoughts, emotions, perceptions and creates our lived experiences. Ever changing and always moving. My work is an exploration into the flux found within our worlds. Where simplicity sits amongst the complexity. Where the minutiae of our lives breathes amidst a larger panoramic view. The mystery and dream like effervescence of a reality that is fluidly shifting into different shapes and forms and manifesting as new realities all of the time.